What is the Best Circumcision Method?

Many men can be uncertain which circumcision method will provide the most successful results, especially as there are multiple techniques used for circumcising male adults.

Traditional techniques, the Mogen clamp, the Shang Ring device and various staplers all produce excellent cosmetic results with minimal bleeding or postoperative complications rates.

The Pollock Technique ™

Male circumcision involves surgically cutting away the fold of skin (foreskin or prepuce) that covers an un-erect penis’s head (glans). It has long been considered one of the safest routine operations and recommended as routine care for newborns and young boys, unless contraindicated.

Gentle Procedures Clinic specializes in the Pollock Technique(tm) using a Mogen clamp for virtually painless Circumcision Melbourne for babies and men of all ages. Multiple pain control measures such as Tylenol prior to surgery, an oral sugar solution proven to decrease pain perception, soothing music, topical freezing cream application, padded baby holders and long acting local anesthetic injection are used as pain management strategies.

This injection combines short and long acting anesthetics for maximum comfort and coverage, lasting around an hour and providing us with enough numbing to perform circumcision quickly and comfortably. Furthermore, this method reduces risk of complications like paraphimosis – in which foreskin becomes stuck causing painful constriction of glans – by keeping things comfortable throughout.

The Mogen Clamp

Mohels prefer Mogen clamp as it provides the fastest and most precise method for circumcising newborn boys as well as older children. Furthermore, it ensures an exceptional circumcision experience for newborn boys as well as older kids alike.

This method involves placing a metal shield over the prepuce distal to the glans, along with a narrowly open clamp (2.5 mm in the neonatal version), then using straight hemostats to stretch foreskin before locking device after verifying blade-free foreskin on glans tip and foreskin cut from flat side of Mogen clamp using surgical scalpel.

The Mogen clamp technique does not require sutures for newborn babies; however, older kids and adults may require cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive for application. There is no risk of bleeding or infection with this method, according to research in Botswana: 16 fathers whose neonates had been circumcised using NMC completed a four-month questionnaire that revealed they all reported high or complete satisfaction, would recommend NMC to friends, and intended on circumcising any future sons using this method themselves.

The Shang Ring Device

The Shang Ring is an easy and inexpensive device designed to make male circumcision (MC) quick and straightforward. Comprised of two concentric plastic rings clamped against redundant prepuce tissue, this procedure eliminates the need for surgical scissors for circumcision – suitable for infants, young boys and adults – in under half an hour.

Local anesthesia can be provided by applying a numbing cream for 30 minutes on the penis and foreskin, before inserting an inner ring into the prepuce and clamping an outer ring overtop from outside to remove any extra foreskin.

Everyday checks for separation should be made. It may take several weeks for it to happen naturally, if that does not happen then surgical removal may be needed – this process is safe and has high rates of patient satisfaction.

The ZSR or CircCurer (LangHe) Stapler

Many patients rely on Google to explore different circumcision techniques. Options available to them include glue, stitches, the Mogen clamp, Shang ring device and ZSR or CircCurer staplers from LangHe – these devices provide quick, safe procedures with less complications such as bleeding, hematoma formation, damage to glans area during removal process or leaving unwanted or unsightly results after shaving.

This device looks like a clear plastic ring with a handle at its center, and contains local anesthetic for injection into the head of the penis and foreskin extension onto this device. A ligature is then tightly wound around it before its handle triggers its use to cut it off, taking about 1 or 2 minutes total with very rapid wound healing time afterward. Circumcision with stapler has been associated with shorter surgical time, lower blood loss volume, fewer post-op complications than conventional circumcision, increased patient satisfaction with penile appearance as well as reduced pain post circumcision.