Techniques For Painting

Many artists employ various techniques to produce exquisite works of art. Examples of such techniques are wet-on-wet painting, chiaroscuro and stippling.

Stippling is an artform in which dots of various colors and shades are created using any object – like brushes or combs – by placing small dots.


Impasto, from Italian for dough, refers to the thick application of paint on canvas in order to achieve three-dimensional effects in paintings. Oil Painters Melbourne frequently employ this technique; however acrylic painters can achieve similar effects using gel mediums.

Rembrandt, Titian and Velazquez were famous artists who used this painting technique. It works well for landscapes, seascapes and other subjects which require rough-textured paint applications.

Abstract Expressionism was an artistic movement where artists would use impasto to convey emotions and feelings, believing the texture was an extension of themselves as artists. They sought to break free of traditional artistic constraints and explore spontaneity and freedom more freely than before.


Cangiante painting was introduced during the Renaissance when artists had more access to a wide range of pigments. This enabled painters to easily achieve rich and elegant color transitions more easily; Michelangelo was among many master painters who utilized this style; often using different hues for highlights and shadows of subjects (for instance the prophet Jeremiah’s robe shifting from yellow highlights to orange shadows).

The Unione technique resembles sfumato in that the shadow hues do not contain pure colors; this allows painters to model volume without resorting to black for volumetric effects; Raphael also utilized this painting technique, known as Unione.


The Camaieu technique is a painting method which utilizes monochrome colors in order to create visually engaging displays and deliver messages more effectively. This approach can be utilized across industries; therefore it’s crucial that users consider their target industry when selecting an appropriate color palette scheme.

The camaieu technique, otherwise known as anamorphic art, can be found on friezes, enamels, wall decorations and snuff boxes to produce low relief images that resemble monochromatic paintings. Additionally, this style is often employed for clocks, rings medallions and other decorative objects.

The Camaieu technique can be used to create realistic paintings or alter viewer’s perspective. Its style lends itself well to landscape paintings and it can even be combined with foreshortening for an eye-catching piece of art.


Grisaille painting is a form of monochromatic painting done in shades of gray. This art form may be created as either an independent work or used as an underpainting. Many old masters from the 15th and 16th centuries used grisaille techniques in polyptych shutters – particularly to achieve realistic lighting qualities across figures and drapery – employing grisaille tones for this purpose.

Artists would then utilize glazing, an application of thin layers of oil paints that allowed for modeling and shadows created in their black-and-white underpainting to show through.

Trekell offers canvas, panels and paints ideal for creating realistic grisaille art that can be enjoyed by all.


Sfumato is a painting technique that creates a gradual transition between colors without creating sharp outlines, often used to soften shadows and make subjects appear natural. Leonardo da Vinci famously employed this method when painting his famous portrait of Mona Lisa; using fine shadows on her face so as not to stand out against its dark background.

Francisco Goya was another master of this painting technique, best demonstrated in his painting The Third of May 1808 which depicts unarmed Spanish soldiers who are about to be executed by Napoleon’s troops. Goya used sfumato to create subtle yet diffused shadows for an atmospheric effect – this played an integral part in conveying his political message as well as blurring backgrounds and emphasizing faces within his subjects’ paintings.

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